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We allow you to play your role and throw your everything in the field that you love within 3 months.

Internships at Spasial are loosely structured to coordinate applicants interests, backgrounds and schedules with the needs of our organization. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide nancial assistance, housing, or stipends.

We do offer interns contact with many talents and invaluable work experience. All prospective interns should read the descriptions and apply for only those internships for which they are genuinely qualified.


Excellent communication, organizational and of office skills are a must. Computer knowledge essential (Microsoft Office). Communication, Design, Art, Administration, or Production majors preferred but not required. Must be detail-oriented, and capable of working under pressure and on multiple jobs simultaneously. Must have initiative and enthusiasm.


Available positions for internship :



Creative interns will work on content development, include:

(1) Concept and Implementation
(2) Creative Writing
(3) Design and Publication
(4) Researching & Organising Program.


Marketing & Communication

Responsibilities range from answering phones and greeting visitors, include:

(1) Publishing
(2) Community Engage
(3) Distribution of Publicity Materials
(4) Social Media Engage
(5) Website Update
(6) Press Kit
(7) Marketing Research
(8) Mailings



This department requires interns who are comfortable with manual labor work and who are physically able to lift weight. Knowledge of power-tools and a level of craftsmanship preferred. Responsibilities range from building operations to events technical, include:

(1) Soundsystem
(2) Equipments
(3) Environment Control
(4) Transportation
(5) Production Research


Admin & Office Management

Opportunities to learn all aspects of this space management and financial responsibilities, include:

(1) Book Keeping
(2) Bank Reconciliations
(3) Budgeting
(4) Day-To-Day Accounts
(5) Schedule



Archival interns will work in archiving older data-based of any subculture that is still important and necessary for future reference. Interns participates in a wide variety of projects under the direction of our team. Internships responsibilities will include:

(1) Data Research
(2) Data Update
(3) Content Collecting