The presence of Spasial as an alternative space that desires in pushing the improvements and concepts of creative individuals in various areas including sub-cultures, arts, music, and others is anticipated to be one of the contributions towards the city of Bandung. Numerous activities done in this space has been going harmoniously along with the collective passion from everyone that has been contributing to this space.

Spasial is now going through the fourth year, the necessity came from the difficulty of breathing in a city whose communities are incredibly active however passive in sharing spaces. Our journey for three years brought massive enthusiasm in order for the space to always be progressive and contributive to the city of Bandung. It took roughly a year to gain a legal approval from nearby neighborhoods so that we could execute programs and other activities. An assortment of important changes has happened during our three years; many considerations are thought about how Spasial is going to take part in the city. Nonetheless the objectives are still the same, where in the end Spasial would be the alternative space that supports any kind of creative activities.

Of course, we wouldn’t be going through three years without the enthusiasm from communities, our staff, connoisseurs, our friends, writers, musicians, members of the class and everyone that has contributed. We express our gratitude to everyone for cooperating with each other and present your enthusiasm intensely.



Located in the heart of Bandung — a 150sqm community-driven space. Spasial can host everything from intimate sessions to larger events like workshops, shows, and exhibitions.

The heritage military architecture allows the venue to transform according to its user’s needs, creating spaces for synergies between multi disciplines. Since April 2015 we’ve hosted over 200+ of events, and collaborate with over hundreds of communities.

Spasial is a community space that seeks to connect the people with their community, city’s resources and opportunities. It is a place we hope that helps individuals, as well as collectives, grow by providing knowledge, services & a space for people to gather, connect, share, inspire and achieve together.

We promote self-development and empowerment in discovering latent opportunities around us by connecting individuals and their interests with the right communities. We believe in collaboration and it starts from coming together as a people. When we work together, there is no problem we can’t overcome or dream we can’t achieve.

Spasial is a platform that aims to create a positive impact for people through communal experience, engagement, and opportunity. The rippling effect of meaningful acts-of-goodness start with small drops of positive energy which we aim to inspire — not only as a space, but as a platform with the best intentions to bring people together to make things happen.

Event Scenario


Spasial Community Program

We designed Spasial Community Program in hope that we can support social service providers, organizers, or the community itself to serve specific communities or to achieve certain goals. This is only a small effort that we think we can do to give back to the community and the city.

Currently, we are focusing on the Creative sector, which is where we live and grow. We are happy to hear ideas or programs that we can work together with the collaborators. Our intention is to build a relationship that allows us to grow with the community and help to create a better city.

Spasial Internship Program

Spasial Internship Program is a program that is opened for final semester students and semi-professionals who are interested in community activities and engagement. The idea is to share passion, knowledge, thought, energy, and time.

Spasial Internship Program will come in two platforms; offline and online. So anyone who interests in this program but living outside Bandung can also join us. We hope that with this program we can always involve ourselves and the people around us to contribute to the community.

Spasial Class

Spasial Class is a program that brings together a group of students with the mentor who meet regularly to study a subject of their interests. We do curate the mentors to make sure the material delivered is accountable. The intention is to share knowledge through a fun and informal way, so the students will enjoy the session and bring home a great learning experience.

Spasial Talks

Spasial Talks is a program where Spasial hosting informal conversation on a particular or range of topics, between the moderator, guest speakers or experts, and the audience. With this format, we hope we can provide a place to shift conversations from exclusive to inclusive so that everyone involved in the conversation can take advantage of the lessons.

Spasial Forum

We designed Spasial Forum to be a place, situation, and moment where people exchange ideas and discuss important public issues. We intent to bring together communities to discuss real and relevant issues that they deal with in their environtment. Hopefully we can gives a platform for safe, open discussion to reflect and express what they face in their everyday lives.

Spasial Session

It started at Sept 9, 2016. We held a non-profit gig with the spirit to introduce uprising talents to public in Bandung. We loved to works with our friends and the atmosphere of people that always support this movement. Through Spasial Session, we provide a space for musicians to present their work through a musical showcase.

Live at Spasial

It is our effort to present a live performance with quality content, performers and event production that is able to provide a new and unforgettable experience to the audience. Our hope is that what we present can exceed the expectations of the audience and all parties involved.


Community Engagement & Involvement.

We partnered up with the right Communities to dive into specific issues and creating experiences through cultural immersion.

Event Management & Production.

Spasial would love to take care of all aspects of your event, transforming an abstract idea into a smooth, seamless operation.

Space & Equipment Rental.

We can provide space rental only, if you already have taken care of your other needs. In case you’re organizing events somewhere else, we can also provide equipment rentals based on your needs.

Content Development

As a creative-oriented management, we provide consultation service to make a decent event become an ingenious one, and of course, meet our basic value, creative.