Kuliah Umum

Yes, according to its name, this is a place where you canlearn and discuss about some specifc subjects. Do not worrythough, the subjects will be interesting and also will bedelivered by interesting people. We will make the learningatmosphere as conducive as possible.

Loka Karya

On this event, we will ask people with expertise to share their knowledge. An interactive sharing and discussion will certainly complete this workshop.


Duduk Manis: Documentary Music Screening

A documentary music screening, focused on local artists. But of course, there will be more than just a screening at Duduk Manis. A nice chit-chat and live music is a must.

The Upperbasement: Live Stream Music

Groovy and happy tunes are to be expected on this live stream music event. You can dance all you want and just enjoy the good vibe provided by the performers.

Homesession: Product Showcase

Homesession is a space that allows you to view and appreciate your surroundings from a rather intimate scale. This product showcase with a help of good music, hopefully will create a pleasant environment that helps talents and makers to connect and inspire each other.

Non Studies: Pop-Up Music Live Showcase

There is no boundaries in music and we want to prove it at Non-Studies, a pop-up live music where artists from various background and personality experimenting their expertise spontaneously in one stage. There will be no rehearsal given, but that what makes it fun.

Plasticine: Used and New Marketplace

Plasticine is a used and new market place. We want to help people in need of different and unique products to sell and buy their products. Hopefully, Plasticine can be a convenient place to nd the most different products.