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Support Us



We really appreciate any kind of donation, depends on the project and the needs. You can donate funds, tools or whatever that could make us happened. Since time is money and ideas are priceless, you can also donate them to us.

As we’re here to be a hub for many potential talents and makers, your support is more important than ever. We thank each of our donors for their loyalty and enthusiasm, and look forward to working with new friends as we build for the future.

We greatly appreciate the support from members and donors who help us to stay. Your contribution allows us to deliver ground-breaking projects and programs to a larger audience each year.




We would love to team up with any startup that goes beyond our scope.

Working together to make a better result, partnerships mean added strength. That’s why our partner program is an essential part.

We continue to build relationships with startups whose complement our own, helping us provide valuable and stronger solutions. As part of our partner strategy, we focus on bringing added value to every phase of our projects and programs—from partners at the strategic level through to development.

These relationships increase the value of our objectives—value that comes from long-term investments, ef ciency that reaches every corner of our purposes, and support to help people meet their challenges.